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The Grand Hogwarts Experiment!

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Thursday, July 8th, 2004
10:04 pm - ATTENTION!

We are having an AUCTION!

On Monday, all Seventh Year students who wish to will be auctioned off at ten o'clock am to the lower years.

Please, I beg as many of you to be auctioned as possible, as the proceeds are going to our End-Of-School Camp, and we want to have a really good one!

To all lower years, cash on delivery. No IOU's. The slave will go to the highest bidder.

Have fun, everyone!

current mood: amused

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Thursday, July 1st, 2004
12:27 am - to my fellow students

Professor Snape suggested that I say something to the other students about school wrapping up and so that’s what I’m going.

I considered making this an address to the Slytherins, my house, but realised that I didn’t want this to be just for them. I wanted this to be for everyone.

It’s been a turbulent year for everyone. Relationships forming and breaking, friendships changing, being redefined. People growing into the people they’ll one day be.

I said this was to everyone but maybe that wasn’t quite true. This is, so much, directed to those of us who are leaving. Those of us who are struggling through our exams and make those huge decisions about our futures. It’s a big step to leave Hogwarts. This place has been more than a school to me as I’m sure it has been to others. It’s a refuge. A meeting place. A home.

Hogwarts will be missed by so many who leave it.

When these journals first started I can remember that some of us were excited and others were hesitant, but I don’t think anyone could have guessed what an effect these would have on our everyday lives. Did you suspect it, Professor Lupin, when you assigned them? Through these journals I’ve met people I’d never really before even spoken too, and I’m grateful for that.

Next year I move onto Ithaca College to study law. Next year we all move on.

To all of you: good luck and may you achieve everything you ever dream.

- Juliet

current mood: nostalgic

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Monday, June 28th, 2004
1:13 am - Exams... don't worry!

Tomorrow is the first exam. I just want to wish you all the best of luck in completing them, and get lots of sleep! You'll need it! Don't stress them any more that you really have to. If you all do your best and you'll get through.

Good luck!

current mood: calm

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Wednesday, June 16th, 2004
10:16 am - DANCE!


Hear ye, Hear ye! Come one, come all!

For all Seventh Years, the day after exams end, there shall be a Ball of Epic Proportions!

On Saturday 17th July, 7pm
Great Hall

Be there in your party best! We're going to have a toe-tapping, tummy-tickling, elbow-jiggling time! Food is provided, so don't fill up on celebratory cake before hand.

How to see you all there!

current mood: amused

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Monday, May 31st, 2004
9:33 am - To teachers.

I am writing this from Melanthian.

I wish to inform the faculty that I will be absent from classes for this week. My father will provide any notices I require for this.

current mood: confused

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Tuesday, May 18th, 2004
10:23 am - CAMP!!

HEY ALL! We're gonna have a camp, we've been thinking about it for a while and we've decided. It's not a school camp, just seventh years ONLY. And possibly a couple of cool teachers to chaperone so parents will be appeased.

Professor Lupin, Professor Zabini, would that be cool by you? And Alastair, you can come too, if you like. *g*

Once we have a list of people, we can start planning. It won't be til after school ends, though.

Thank you!

current mood: cheerful

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Monday, May 17th, 2004
6:25 pm

Hello everyone out there.

My name's Alastair Mitchell (call me Alastair) and I'm student-teachering here for the last of the year.

Well, I'm going to go now. I'm only just getting used to this whole journal...thing *grins*

Anyone wants to talk to me, I'm always available.

- Alastair

current mood: excited

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Sunday, May 16th, 2004
9:45 pm - A note

to all students and teachers:

It has been confirmed that there will be a student teacher with us for the rest of the year to assist and help out whoever needs it. His name is Alastair Mitchell and he'll be with us starting tomorrow. (Monday). Please everyone make him as welcome as you can- remember, he's a student too. Co-operate if he asks you to do something, and treat him with the same respect you'd treat any teacher.

Thank you, and I look forward to working with him! Try not to stress him out along with you as you head into exams!

@ Professor Lupin

current mood: chipper

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Friday, May 14th, 2004
11:53 am - ATTN.

Whoever it was that scrawled 'Snape shags sheep' on the wall outside the Potions room will be sorely sorry when I catch up with them.

current mood: furious

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Thursday, May 13th, 2004
10:35 am

Alright, as I said, I'm posting up the pairs you will be working in for your Defence assignments:


Juliet Antila/Gordon Templeman
Diantha Slytherin/Nathanael Calima- Vampires
Haemon Calima/Rohana Black
Isobel Blaise/Brisen Ravenclaw
Jacob Myers/Maya Venatici
Christa Lacielle/Accalon Elboron


Your assigment will follow on from what you've been learning in class. The question is:

How to identify and protect yourself from Dark Creatures.

This assignment may be presented anyway you see fit, as long as the question is answered. The creatures that you may choose from to answer this question are:

Veela *
Wood Elves

Please inform me of what choice you make.

You have three weeks. Good luck students.

* Christa, I would firstly like to mention that your half-Veela status in no way affects the way I view you, and that this option has to be included on the list. I would also request that you and your partner do not choose this option as it seems unfair to both you and the other students.

current mood: busy

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Wednesday, April 28th, 2004
9:24 pm

I thought that people might want to see this article from the most recent Witch Weekly so I copied it up to post here. Hope this is okay here, Professors? Just thought everyone needed to read this.


How To Hang With The Heirs!

After the defeat of The Dark One on their Christmas break, what have the Heirs been doing with their time and how can you be one of their best buds? Witch Weekly’s Kate Bishop went undercover to find out the goss!

Josh Gryffindor

Always the prankster, Josh has been enjoying spending his time with Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. How perfect! Those three heroes in a room together would be any girl’s dream. Josh is still dating Heir Brisen Ravenclaw though, girls! And quite the cute couple at Hogwarts they are!

Luthe Hufflepuff

Luthe’s become the resident Huffle Hunk of Hogwarts since the Final Battle. Always helpful to the other students and has quite the smile. He’s supposedly dating one of the other Hufflepuff students, Chinese Seeker Mai Kwan, but seems to spend a lot of time with fellow Heir Diantha Slytherin. Can we see the jealousy flying here? Hold on to him, Mai!

Brisen Ravenclaw

Bri has been working hard at her studies as usual and can usually be found in the company of fellow Ravenclaw Nathanael Calima. (Who is also reported to be close to Diantha Slytherin. What is this lad up to?) Your Hogwarts reporter managed to see Brisen in her role as Beater and was very impressed with what she saw: that girl can fly!

Diantha Slytherin

After this reporter attended a Potions class with the Slytherin Heir it was discovered that for all people might think of her, Diantha is actually quite the student. (Even if certain greasy professors favour her.) She is difficult to get close to as she’s usually surrounded by her close Slytherin buddies, Jacob Myers, Christa Lacielle and Isobel Blaise (There is even talk of Isobel and Diantha having a secret lesbian affair!)


So here’s the inside info, guys! Wanna get close to an Heir? Here’s how!

The People to Befriend and The Things To Do…


Try getting close to Gryffindors Alec Summers, Tess Holly, April Seddon and Sebastion Miles. These guys could be your ticket it. Start showing an interest in Quidditch and pranks!


His girlfriend, Mai, would be a great way in. Also try his best friends Carl Fenton and Geordie Venn. Luthe’s generally friendly to everyone anyway so becoming a close friend should be no problem for you. If you start showing an interest in herbology then you’re sure to get his attention!


This girl’s quite the social butterfly! The list of people you could try and get close to include Marie Albireo (ex-girlfriend of Luthe!) Nathanael Calima, Rohana Black (second cousin to Sirius Black!), Maya Venetici (Heir to Music big-name Venetici Records and in her own band.), Accalon Elboron. She’s quite a friendly girl and even this reporter was invited to hang on with her! Show some interest in your studies and you’ll be in her good books!


Diantha would be the most difficult of the four to befriend, but if you can get into her little group then you’re in with a shot. Try and get to Jacob Myers (one of her oldest and best friends. Perhaps even more if some rumours are to be believed…) Isobel Blaise (The same Isobel Blaise who modelled for Vincent Diablo on his recent campaign!) or Christa Lacielle (who is part Veela!) There is also Juliet Antila (European royalty herself) or Haemon Calima (twin brother to Nathanael and cousin of Maya Venetici) If this all seems a little too much then you could always go through Nathanel Calima, an easy going Ravenclaw! Anyone showing an interest in swordplay is sure to get her attention!


This article is all so terrible! I cannot believe someone was here writing this about us! Are they allowed to use our names like this? This is libel! And I don’t think they’re supposed to write…well, anything of what they have!

. He’s supposedly dating one of the other Hufflepuff students, Chinese Seeker Mai Kwan, but seems to spend a lot of time with fellow Heir Diantha Slytherin. Can we see the jealousy flying here? Hold on to him, Mai!

WHAT???? Luthe, you know I love you and all, but WHAT??!?! Dating?? And I’m Vietnamese not Chinese anyway. There is a difference! This whole article is just- grrrr.

Professors? Is there anything we can do about this kind of thing? It’s not fair to any of us. It’s certainly not fair on the Heirs.

current mood: annoyed

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Tuesday, April 20th, 2004
9:14 pm - House Points Tally.

Geordie Venn, Hufflepuff - 10 points for valuable contribution to Hufflepuff 'guidebook'

Tess Holly, Griffindor - 10 points for valuable contribution to Gryffindor 'guidebook'

Tess Holly, Griffindor - 5 points away for certain 'Housist' comments.

Mai Kwan, Hufflepuff - 5 points for attentive Quidditch playing.

Accalon Elboron, Ravenclaw - 10 points away for making rude comments behind a certain Professor's back.

Maya Venatici, Ravenclaw - 10 points for the spotless clean up job of the Potions lab.

Jacob Myers, Slytherin - 5 points for being almost unreasonably quiet and almost polite around others this week.

Juliet Antila, Slytherin - 15 points for helping out younger Ravenclaws.

Rohana Black, Ravenclaw - 5 points for catch up work for the time away during a relative's passing.

current mood: content

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Monday, April 19th, 2004
9:25 pm - Points.

5 points from Hufflepuff Mai Kwan for running in the halls.

5 points from Hufflepuff Pippa Thaine for not listening to instructions.

10 points from Hufflepuff Geordie Venn for using instruments from the potions room without permission.

10 points from Ravenclaw Accalon Elboron for speaking back in class.

50 points from Ravenclaw Maya Venatici for destruction of property.

10 points from Gryffindor Tess Holly for willfully ignoring instructions.

5 points from Gryffindor Daphne Wood for being pink.

current mood: satisfied

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Thursday, March 4th, 2004
7:32 pm - Just so you know...

The revised Ravenclaw Team list is as follows. Sorry everyone for all the messing around.

Marie "My Biatch" Albireo
Nathanael "Chosen One" Calima
Jessica "Femme Fatale" Smith

Brisen "Hurricane" Ravenclaw
Maya "Killer Kitten" Venatici

Lizbeth "Zippy" Owens

Michael "Lightning Scar" Cameron

Gordon "Jazz Man" Templeman is reserve seeker, and Dominic "The Masher" Redgrave is reserve beater. If Zippy gets unzipped (which is impossible), I will be replacement Keeper and Dom takes over from me as Chaser.

current mood: crazy

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Thursday, February 26th, 2004
6:12 pm - >=o(


A member of the Ravenclaw Quidditch 'team' has been messing things up.

If any Ravenclaw sees this half-wit, they are to stab his eyes out with quills.

You know who you are, and Marie and I do too. The consequences will not be pretty. Consider yourself off the team, and any who disagree with my judgement are off too.

Maya Venatici, consider yourself informed. Welcome to the Ravenclaw Team, in your old position as beater. You and Bri will be an indestructable pair.

That is all.

current mood: pissed off

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Wednesday, February 25th, 2004
9:58 pm - ATTN: Nath

I've got some 'interesting' results on the project we were working on, Nath. Where are you? I need to find you now!

current mood: enraged

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Tuesday, February 24th, 2004
3:20 pm - Nobody expects the Albireo Inquisition

This is just a note to everyone out there that this appiles to, and if it applies to you you know who you are, even if I don't, yet.

I will find out who you are. You dispicable person. I am not happy.

That is all.

current mood: angry

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Sunday, February 22nd, 2004
7:47 pm - ATTN: MARIE

Marie I need to see you privately regarding Quidditch teams. And soon, I guess.

All other Ravenclaw players, we have Quidditch practise tonight at 5pm so be there sharp!

Thank yaw!

current mood: discontent

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Wednesday, February 18th, 2004
9:05 am - Parties!

There's a party this weekend, yay! I'm looking forward to it!

And on that Theme,

I turn 18 on Sunday the 29th! Actually on my birthday this year! Instead of just March 1st! And I'm 18!!! So its a momentus occassion, and I wanna have a huge bash for it! So Sat, we go out, as soon as it turns Sunday, I can legally drink. *grin* Of course I won't be drinking before then! Why do you look at me like that??

So, can someone organise something cool for me? Since its my birthday and I'm not good at organising parties. *grin*

current mood: excited

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Thursday, February 12th, 2004

Hey! This is a message to The four Captains of the house quidditch teams (Carl Fenton, Josh Gryffindor, Haemon Calima and myself, Nathanael Calima, and also to the four vice-captains (Marie Albireo for Ravenclaw, I'm not sure who the rest of you are, which is half the purpose of this evening!), inviting you all to a pre-battle drink to the Three Broomsticks on Sunday night after dinner. You don't have to come, but it would be nice to show some sportsmanship and show up. So see you all there at 7:30 then!

- Nathanael Calima, Ravenclaw Captain

-----{][= (a broom)

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