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House Points Tally.

Geordie Venn, Hufflepuff - 10 points for valuable contribution to Hufflepuff 'guidebook'

Tess Holly, Griffindor - 10 points for valuable contribution to Gryffindor 'guidebook'

Tess Holly, Griffindor - 5 points away for certain 'Housist' comments.

Mai Kwan, Hufflepuff - 5 points for attentive Quidditch playing.

Accalon Elboron, Ravenclaw - 10 points away for making rude comments behind a certain Professor's back.

Maya Venatici, Ravenclaw - 10 points for the spotless clean up job of the Potions lab.

Jacob Myers, Slytherin - 5 points for being almost unreasonably quiet and almost polite around others this week.

Juliet Antila, Slytherin - 15 points for helping out younger Ravenclaws.

Rohana Black, Ravenclaw - 5 points for catch up work for the time away during a relative's passing.
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