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I thought that people might want to see this article from the most recent Witch Weekly so I copied it up to post here. Hope this is okay here, Professors? Just thought everyone needed to read this.


How To Hang With The Heirs!

After the defeat of The Dark One on their Christmas break, what have the Heirs been doing with their time and how can you be one of their best buds? Witch Weekly’s Kate Bishop went undercover to find out the goss!

Josh Gryffindor

Always the prankster, Josh has been enjoying spending his time with Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. How perfect! Those three heroes in a room together would be any girl’s dream. Josh is still dating Heir Brisen Ravenclaw though, girls! And quite the cute couple at Hogwarts they are!

Luthe Hufflepuff

Luthe’s become the resident Huffle Hunk of Hogwarts since the Final Battle. Always helpful to the other students and has quite the smile. He’s supposedly dating one of the other Hufflepuff students, Chinese Seeker Mai Kwan, but seems to spend a lot of time with fellow Heir Diantha Slytherin. Can we see the jealousy flying here? Hold on to him, Mai!

Brisen Ravenclaw

Bri has been working hard at her studies as usual and can usually be found in the company of fellow Ravenclaw Nathanael Calima. (Who is also reported to be close to Diantha Slytherin. What is this lad up to?) Your Hogwarts reporter managed to see Brisen in her role as Beater and was very impressed with what she saw: that girl can fly!

Diantha Slytherin

After this reporter attended a Potions class with the Slytherin Heir it was discovered that for all people might think of her, Diantha is actually quite the student. (Even if certain greasy professors favour her.) She is difficult to get close to as she’s usually surrounded by her close Slytherin buddies, Jacob Myers, Christa Lacielle and Isobel Blaise (There is even talk of Isobel and Diantha having a secret lesbian affair!)


So here’s the inside info, guys! Wanna get close to an Heir? Here’s how!

The People to Befriend and The Things To Do…


Try getting close to Gryffindors Alec Summers, Tess Holly, April Seddon and Sebastion Miles. These guys could be your ticket it. Start showing an interest in Quidditch and pranks!


His girlfriend, Mai, would be a great way in. Also try his best friends Carl Fenton and Geordie Venn. Luthe’s generally friendly to everyone anyway so becoming a close friend should be no problem for you. If you start showing an interest in herbology then you’re sure to get his attention!


This girl’s quite the social butterfly! The list of people you could try and get close to include Marie Albireo (ex-girlfriend of Luthe!) Nathanael Calima, Rohana Black (second cousin to Sirius Black!), Maya Venetici (Heir to Music big-name Venetici Records and in her own band.), Accalon Elboron. She’s quite a friendly girl and even this reporter was invited to hang on with her! Show some interest in your studies and you’ll be in her good books!


Diantha would be the most difficult of the four to befriend, but if you can get into her little group then you’re in with a shot. Try and get to Jacob Myers (one of her oldest and best friends. Perhaps even more if some rumours are to be believed…) Isobel Blaise (The same Isobel Blaise who modelled for Vincent Diablo on his recent campaign!) or Christa Lacielle (who is part Veela!) There is also Juliet Antila (European royalty herself) or Haemon Calima (twin brother to Nathanael and cousin of Maya Venetici) If this all seems a little too much then you could always go through Nathanel Calima, an easy going Ravenclaw! Anyone showing an interest in swordplay is sure to get her attention!


This article is all so terrible! I cannot believe someone was here writing this about us! Are they allowed to use our names like this? This is libel! And I don’t think they’re supposed to write…well, anything of what they have!

. He’s supposedly dating one of the other Hufflepuff students, Chinese Seeker Mai Kwan, but seems to spend a lot of time with fellow Heir Diantha Slytherin. Can we see the jealousy flying here? Hold on to him, Mai!

WHAT???? Luthe, you know I love you and all, but WHAT??!?! Dating?? And I’m Vietnamese not Chinese anyway. There is a difference! This whole article is just- grrrr.

Professors? Is there anything we can do about this kind of thing? It’s not fair to any of us. It’s certainly not fair on the Heirs.
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