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Exams... don't worry!

Tomorrow is the first exam. I just want to wish you all the best of luck in completing them, and get lots of sleep! You'll need it! Don't stress them any more that you really have to. If you all do your best and you'll get through.

Good luck!
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I think they'll all do brilliantly.
As do I. I have high expectations of them and I'm sure they'll pull through.

Amber, I was wondering...
Wondering were you?

Careful not to strain. *smiles*
Oh shush you.

I was going to ask you to accompany me to the seventh-years' ball, but I know know if I will now...
You want me to be your date, Professor Lupin? Oh, well, you know I have men lining up at the door to ask me out. You may be too late!

Well then I'll be standing over here, waiting for you to be done with your dreadfully naughty ways.
I think I'll leave all these terrible dreary suitors and come find you instead then.

And I shall bring wine?
We must set a good example for the students, dearest. And to be drinking while they're studying ever-so-hard for thei're exams... That would never do.

*turns up music* Come on in, my dear. And bring that with you.
I'm on my way up then. Don't let that record finish before I get there!
As if I would. And even if it did, I'd start it again.

I'm coming.
Thank you, professor.

So far mine seem to be going well. I was worried about the History of Magic one a little but I think I did well.
Well that's excellent to hear, Juliet. Good. I have high hopes for your results, I have a feeling you'll do extremely well.
I hope so.