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to my fellow students

Professor Snape suggested that I say something to the other students about school wrapping up and so that’s what I’m going.

I considered making this an address to the Slytherins, my house, but realised that I didn’t want this to be just for them. I wanted this to be for everyone.

It’s been a turbulent year for everyone. Relationships forming and breaking, friendships changing, being redefined. People growing into the people they’ll one day be.

I said this was to everyone but maybe that wasn’t quite true. This is, so much, directed to those of us who are leaving. Those of us who are struggling through our exams and make those huge decisions about our futures. It’s a big step to leave Hogwarts. This place has been more than a school to me as I’m sure it has been to others. It’s a refuge. A meeting place. A home.

Hogwarts will be missed by so many who leave it.

When these journals first started I can remember that some of us were excited and others were hesitant, but I don’t think anyone could have guessed what an effect these would have on our everyday lives. Did you suspect it, Professor Lupin, when you assigned them? Through these journals I’ve met people I’d never really before even spoken too, and I’m grateful for that.

Next year I move onto Ithaca College to study law. Next year we all move on.

To all of you: good luck and may you achieve everything you ever dream.

- Juliet
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